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ChapTec is an agile and efficient Quebec company that manufactures, produces, distributes, and sells histological laboratory analysis products.

ChapTec is renowned for its customer service, its environmental footprint, and its many collaborations with over 500 medical, academic, and research institutions as well as its network of suppliers.

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ChapTec is dedicated to customer satisfaction!

Our commitment to rigorous quality control ensures that we meet all your expectations. We closely monitor all stages of production from the time we receive your order, to its production, bottling, packaging, and even from the time it leaves our shipping department to the time it arrives at its final destination.

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Reliable made-to-measure products

ChapTec offers a range of high-quality products to facilitate and ensure your sample analysis.
Are you looking to create a custom product or for a format that meets your specific needs? ChapTec is here for you.

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ChapTec | Products | Histological fixatives

Histological fixers

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ChapTec | Products | Pot-fixers


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ChapTec | Products | Alcohols


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ChapTec | Products | Solvents


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ChapTec | Products | Dyes


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Chaptec | Produit | Solution tampon

Buffer solution

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Chaptec | Produit | Réactif de laboratoire

Laboratory reagent

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Chaptec | Produit | Décalcifiant


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Chaptec | Produit neutralisant

Neutralizers and stain removers

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ChapTec | Products | Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

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ChapTec | Empty Container Recovery Program

Recover and Recycle – Working Together to Create a Circular Economy

ChapTec offers its customers an empty container recovery program and a used solvent recycling program that reduces your operating costs and ultimately protects the environment.

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ChapTec | Spent Solvent Recycling Program